SImply Seaport Bottle

Seaport Shines

New Spring and Summer Recipes

Seaport Negroni

Made with Simply Seaport, bit of Campari and a dash of grapefruit and cranberry.  Spritz of sparkling water optional.  Scrumptious and gorgeous!

Simply Seaport Martini

Simply Seaport straight up in martini glass garnished with pickled baby vegatables, ie baby corn, squash and carrots. Phenomenal!

Vanilla Blood Orange Seaport Shineapple

Made with our gluten free Vanilla Blood Orange, Pineapple Juice and fresh pineapple and orange. Sprtiz of sparkling water optional. Shine on!
Vanilla Blood Orange Seaport Shineapple next to Simply Seaport bottle near meadow.