Seaport Shines

is meant to be drunk neat, on the rocks, or with a bit of sparkling water.

Seaport Shines is a Refined Shine, triple distilled with very little heat, lower alcohol content and less calories than traditional moonshines. These special shines can be enjoyed straight up, chilled over ice or in one of our craft cocktail suggestions.

We are providing a few recipes to give you some ideas on how to create sumptuous shine cocktails for you and your guests to enjoy. Or, get your bartender on and whip up some shine specialties of your own!

Seaport Shine is gluten free.

Gluten Free

All Seaport Shines products are Gluten Free and are made from corn.

Seaport Shine is made with corn.
Seaport Shine flavors

Drink with confidence

Experience all of our Seaport Shine varieties which are gluten free and have lower alcohol, calories and sugar than traditional moonshines. Each contains natural flavors and is triple distilled with virtually no burn!

Find Locations

Seaport Shines is now available at restaurants, bars and liquor stores through Rhode Island Distributing! You can find our great products around Rhode Island. Check back frequently as we are adding new locations often!

Perfect for Mixures

Shake Cucumber Lemon Mint with ice in Martini shaker and pour in Martini glass with a spiral of lemon or cucumber rind.

Simply Seaport straight up in martini glass garnished with pickled baby vegatables, ie baby corn, squash and carrots. Phenomenal!

Add half Seaport Shines Vanilla Blood Orange and Half sparkling wine or champagne in a champagne glass. Garnish with orange zest or an orange rind curl.

Lime seaport shines recipe
Maple Bacon a L'Orange
Seaport Shine drinks with chips and dip.

The Perfect Pick for Your Party

Whether it's Game Day, Happy Hour, or just a casual get together with your friends, Seaport Shines Moonshine is the perfect drink pick. Enjoy it neat or mix up a few drinks. Our flavors go great with your favorite snacks, like chips and guac!

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